about Sheyanov family

What does Blog GELV.RU mean:

For Vitalya and Lyubasha (parents):

  • Making true our ambitions. We enjoy our hobbies and always ready to travell.

  • A great opportunity to be emotionally close with our children.

  •  Memories and commemoration. Who knows, maybe even a tradition and heritage of our family.

For Gleb and Egor (children):

  • Holiday - anticipation of joy, smiles, fun, surprises!

  • Travelling - adventures, opportunity to know something new and interesting.

  • Playing, acting and having fun.

Gleb Sheyanov
Gleb SheyanovGlebastik, Mommy’s Froggy, Little Star
The most sociable, kind, but at the same time shy member of our family. He is quick-tempered but also quickly forgiving. Likes to play outside, likes the circus and fond of football. Adores to be praised.
Egor Sheyanov
Egor SheyanovBald Hedgehog
Really knows what he wants, he won’t move until gets what he desires. Smart, inventive, fastidious. Real leader in watching our reports and the main critic.
Lyubov Sheyanova
Lyubov Sheyanovathe mastermind and scriptwriter of the parties
The main editor and director of the blog.

Favourite quotes about GE:

  • "Why do all the people have good obedient children, and I have a Bald Hedgehog and a Bald Gleb"

  • "Your mommy loves you, even bald, and disobedient. I love you my naughty little kittens"

  • The song: "Oh, God! Give me the strength not to strangle someone, not to beat someone! Oh, God."

Vitalya Sheyanov
Vitalya Sheyanovoptimist and pacifist

Loves to live. Knows how to catch moments of happiness and enjoy "right here and right now".

Fond of travelling. Really loves mommy's parties. (despite his age he likes to play). Can help as a photographer. Knows how to add amazing sparkling affects to parties, travelling and life in general.

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