Best Cartoons and Movies for Children about Christmas

So, the 2nd of December. The task of our Advent calendar is to make a list of our favorite cartoons and movies about Christmas and New Year, about the winter, and Santa Claus, of course! This evening our family watches the movie "Home Alone". You can see our list below. These atmospheric movies and cartoons give the best Christmas mood! It seems that they smell frosty fresh, like a Christmas tree and tangerines, sparkle with different colors, like a Christmas garland!

Advent calendar for child for Christmas 2020

Аdvent Calendar 2019 for Children – What is it?

Your child asks you 101st time... When Christmas will come? When Santa will come?.. No matter what a parent says… The child is continually asking - Is it a lot or not? How much longer? All children wait for this global holiday, and in childhood time goes slowly...

Advent Calendar - is not only a way to explain how much time is left until Christmas. It is also replaces tedious waiting with exciting adventures. It is a chance to enjoy Christmas hustle and bustle together with your children. In other words, Advent calendar is a game in a form of calendar. Every day a certain task is performed to prepare for the main holiday of 2020.

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