Christmas Books for Children

The second part of the task on 2 December of our Advent Calendar. Now we introduce our favourite books, which we like to read before Christmas. In the first part, we wrote about The Best Christmas Movies and Cartoons for children. .

Review of the book "Christmas Tales" by Mauri Kunnas

Review of the book Christmas Tales by Mauri Kunnas

The undoubted advantages of this book are the author's illustrations - bright, funny and very thoughtful.

The book is heavy with dense glossy pages of coated paper. In short, high quality! !

We read it before going to bed. The book includes 3 stories:

  • "Santa Claus" - the fairy tale describes Christmas through the eyes of Santa and the Elves, gives the answers to many children' questions, namely....

    Why some kids say that the presents under the Christmas tree are put by their parents?
    christmas book

    Why don't Santa Claus and Father Frost get old?

    books about santa clausHow Santa Claus and Father Frost know, who was behaving well this year and who is not?

    Review of the book about Christmas for childrenbest books about SantaBy the way, this picture explains…

    …that the tradition of going to the bath is not just a purely Russian Christmas tradition - it is a world super tradition!

    the tradition of going to the bath at Christmas
  • "Twelve Gifts for Santa Claus".– the fairy tale teaches not to be offended and not to upset if something goes wrong. In addition, gives the confidence that Santa is the kindest old man in the world!

  • "Santa Claus and the Magic Drum". In this tale, young readers will find out the mystery of Vekara - an unusual drawing of one kid... There was not without the sorcerer, and without the Northern lights))

The stories are not linked, i.e. the second part is not a continuation of the first and a prequel of the third. Me and children like very much to read such modern and interesting books. Even to play with some of them.

The Review of the Game Book «Spot the Reindeer at Christmas» by Krina Patel and Tasha Percy


Wimmelbuch is a book with bright detailed illustrations and short text or even without it.

The first Wimmelbooks appeared in Germany. "Wimmeln" in German means "to swarm, to crowd". Really, when you open Wimmel you feel an embarrassment of riches - so many heroes and items on various topics: environment, seasons, animals, cars, travel etc.

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