Advent calendar for child for Christmas 2020

Аdvent Calendar 2019 for Children – What is it?

Your child asks you 101st time... When Christmas will come? When Santa will come?.. No matter what a parent says… The child is continually asking - Is it a lot or not? How much longer? All children wait for this global holiday, and in childhood time goes slowly...

Advent Calendar - is not only a way to explain how much time is left until Christmas. It is also replaces tedious waiting with exciting adventures. It is a chance to enjoy Christmas hustle and bustle together with your children. In other words, Advent calendar is a game in a form of calendar. Every day a certain task is performed to prepare for the main holiday of 2020.

The Rules are simple - 1 day =1 task.

To enhance positive emotions, you can add small prizes - sweet goodies and badges.

Tasks should immerse the child in the atmosphere of the holiday and give the joy of anticipation. When the child opens all the tasks - IT will come! The Great event, that brings a lot of joy, merriment and gifts.

Where You Can Buy an Advent Calendar?

We chose a classic panel calendar in the form of a Christmas tree. 25 ball-tasks hang on it (we have chosen a Calendar with 31 ball – until the New Year). You can buy the same here>>


*Note Buying from this seller from $ 15 a buyer receives a discount of $ 2. I chose to buy LEDs - Autonomous plastic lighting elements, universal and very useful thing! I Recommend! You can put it into the ball, making it look like neon. You can fix it to the Christmas tree or highlight some other elements of Christmas decoration etc.

There is a plenty of such calendars - made of paper, chocolate, textile, tea, etc. In other words, you can buy or make with your own hands whatever you want.

Handmade Advent Calendars

Photo Ideas – Advent Calendar in a Form of the Panel

Photo Ideas – Advent Calendar in Sachet Style (small sacks, packets, containers)

Example of Advent Calendar in Baby Mobile Style

Christmas advent calendar with your own hands

Photos of Advent Calendars which open like a Chest-of-Drawers

Pictures of Advent Calendar in a Form of a Christmas Garland

Advent Calendar Tasks for Kids by

The Tasks of OUR Advent Calendar
  1. Make a Christmas wreath on the front door.
  2. Books, Cartoons, Movies about Santa Claus. Watch a cartoon together
  3. The School for Elves or Santa Claus's Super Secret Service. Get the elf suits. Make a review of the the suits.
  4. Write a letter to Santa Claus. Parents read out the best of kids’ “expressions”.
  5. Learn about Christmas and New Year traditions from Santa (holly, mistletoe and other features).
  6. Cut paper snowflakes and other stencils to decorate a window.
  7. Make a snowman. Sledge down the hill.
  8. Learn about Santa’s reindeer. Test the contest "Lasso a Deer" in practice. The Christmas audio tale.
  9. Hang up Christmas socks
  10. Think up what to present to your relatives for Christmas. Come up with interesting options of packing.
  11. Take snowballs, snowarrows and other snowweapons and capture the snow fortress
  12. Kiss under the mistletoe - organize a romantic evening for your Mom and Dad.
  13. Create your Christmas candle. Aromatherapy. Game-competition "Sharp nose".
  14. Go to Russian bath. Adults can have a drink of mulled wine
  15. Rehearse the Christmas trick.
  16. Share blog plans for 2020.
  17. Pass a mini-quest "Repair a garland together with the Fixies"
  18. View the templates of the Christmas Photo props
  19. Have a winter picnic.
  20. Watch our video about the trip to the Ded Moroz’s residence (Russian Santa Claus) on YouTube - Residence Ded Moroz in Belovezhskaya Pushcha 2019-2020
  21. Pass a mini-quest about dwarves "The Toy Factory"
  22. Sending postcards and party invitations to our friends.
  23. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  24. Play a Christmas Board game.у
  25. Set the table. Review the attributes in the style of Santa Claus.
  26. Think up a New Year menu 2020.
  27. Bake a gingerbread house and a gingerbread man. See how it was with us - VK и Instagram
  28. Fortune cookies
  29. Distribute chocolate coins for the children from the group in kindergarten
  30. Spend a holiday on the author's script new year's eve in the style of Santa Claus

1 December the team begins extensive preparations for the most awaited holiday - New Year 2019. Every day from December 1, we will share with you the progress of our preparation, day by day to the magical New Year Eve. As you have guessed, the Party will be in the style of Santa Claus. You have already seen above one of the students of the Elf School:-)
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