How to Make a Christmas Wreath with your Own Hands?

On December 1, we hung a Christmas wreath on our front door. It symbolizes that our family is waiting for Christmas, New Year and Santa Claus. This is the first lesson in our School for Elves.

Let me remind you, that the Schedule of our School (Santa Claus's Secret Service) is our Advent calendar

Materials for Handmade Christmas Wreath on your Front Door:

  1. The basis – willow or vine branches (step by step description you can see below)
  2. Green and silver Christmas tinsel.
  3. Artificial composition with fir-cone.
  4. Red bows in a pack - 6PCs. You can buy here for low price - 3 different colors in packs of 12PCs
  5. Cheries – 3PCs
  6. Pendants in the shape of snowflakes -2PCs.
  7. Soft felt balls - diameter 1cm - 10-15PCs
  8. Balls diameter 2-3 cm - 6PCs.
  9. Artificial snow. You can buy here
  10. Glue
  11. Double-sided tape + scissors.



The Basis of the Christmas Wreath of Willow Branches

How to Make the Basis of the Wreath with your Own Hands

  1. Gather the material for weaving – willow or vine branches.
    Branches for the master class making the basis of the Christmas wreathWe chose willow branches, because it is an available, malleable and flexible material. In November, we had a walk at a pond nearby our cottage. There was a felling of bushes six month ago. So, we armed with a garden pruner, cut a bunch of branches. The branches should be smooth, without any knots and forks at the end – thicker branches for the basis and thinner to wind around.
  2. Bend the sections of a branch (up and down) in direction of growth, paying special attention to the base, which is less flexible.
    Santa Claus style Christmas-based Christmas production
  3. Make a basis of the wreath of 2 or 3 guide branches (the most thick twigs)
  4. Wind thin twigs around the guide branches to make the construction steady.
  5. We put our crafts on the windowsill to dry them until December. We made 3 blanks with the idea that the big one will become the basis of the Christmas wreath, and the smaller ones will become the basis of the other Christmas decorations (candle stand, decorations on the table, etc.)


Where to Buy Ready Basis for the Christmas Wreath?


Where to Buy Ready Basis for the Christmas Wreath?
Ready Basis for the Christmas Wreath

Step by Step Instruction of Creating Christmas Wreath on the Front Door made of Twigs, Fir-Cones and Tinsel

Step 1. Wrap the basis with tinsel. Make a loop, on which the wreath will be hung later on the door.


Step 2. Then wind silver tinsel around the circle.


Step 3. Push an artificial twig between the willow branches and fix the ends.

Christmas decor - making a Christmas wreath on the door

Step 4. Add the bows. Fasten it to the basis tying it with a thread.

Step 5. Hang the snowflake pendants. Cut the loop of the pendant and using two ends of the rope, tie it to the wreath.

Step 6. Fix the cherries.

Step 7. Fix the balls in pairs.

Step 8. Using double-side tape fix the soft felt balls.

Step 9. Drip glue on the ends of the bows and snowflake pendants and sprinkle artificial snow on glue.

The Wreath is Ready!