Estate of Father Frost in the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha 2020


Where is the Official Residence of Belarusian Santa Claus

The Address of the Father Frost’s Estate:

Address: Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kamenets district, agro-town Kamenyuki (GPS 52.556889, 23.797583).
Phone for info:+ 375 (16) 315-63-98 (day off - Sat, Sun + holidays)
Working hours of the Father Frost’s Estate: all year long without days off and holidays – 9AM to 6 PM.
Belovezhskaya Pushcha official website (link):

Father Frost’s Estate on the map:

Distance from region centers and approximate travel time by car to Belovezhskaya Pushcha:

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Minsk - 365 km ~ 4 h 25 min
Brest - 55 km ~ 1 h
Vitebsk - 645 km ~ 7 h 30 min
Grodno - 225 km ~ 3 h 45 min
Gomel - 550 km ~ 8 h 20 min
Mogilev - 225 kmAdvice for those who plan to go by car:you can't go by car in the forest. You should leave it at the main entrance. There are only 2 Parkings, so it would be better to arrive before 11AM to take a stand.

Want to Send a Letter to Father Frost?

Use this address: 225063, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kamenetsky district, agro-town Kamenyuki, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, to Father Frost

It is possible to write an email:

Prices at Father Frost’s Estate in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Rented Accommodation in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

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Price of excursion to Father Frost:

You can see on the photo, that in November 2018, the ticket price was 8.5 BYN (for adults) and 7 BYN (for children),
Since December 2018 the price increased to 9 BYN for children and to 10 BYN for adults
Children’s ticket is for children from 1 up to 14 years old.

**1 $ = 2.14 BYN

Ticket Price for other excursions in Belovezhskaya Pushcha:

Excursion to the Forest Estate of Belarusian Father Frost

excursion to the residence of Santa Claus in Belovezhskaya Pushcha


The signpost informs that the very residence of Father Frost is 12 km from the main entrance. We were instructed at the ticket office that we should wait for the bus.

residence of Santa Claus in BelarusBus excursion to Santa Claus in Belovezhskaya PushchaPushchanskaya tea on herbs with Belarusian Santa Claus

The tour bus sets off not far from the main gate of Pushcha, in front of the cafe “Sosny”. There you can relish pancakes with the famous herbal tea.

The busesto Father Frost run daily on schedule: 11 AM, 1:30 PM and 4 PM.. From December 10, on weekends and holidays, the buses will depart every hour.

The bus is comfortable and spotlessly clean. During the way, sounds interesting information about the Pushcha, it's long exciting history. We really enjoyed the road: a picturesque scenery and a pleasant voice prepared us for fairy tales and create a magical feeling of celebration

The Program in the Father Frost’s Estate

When our group arrived at the destination, Yanka (an assistant of Father Frost) was already waiting for us. He is a charismatic, positive and buoyant old man with an excellent clear diction. You can watch our video. Then the group went about 800m on foot to the main entrance of the Father Frost's Estate.

The Gates of the Estate of Belarusian Father Frost

Fatherland of Santa Claus Bialowieza Forest

The gate is guarded by loyal wardens of Father Frost – Oak son of Oak in the left tower, in the right - Elm son of Elm. According to the legend, they used to be trees. Once upon a time, a strong wind root them out. Father Frost asked for a help a talented woodcarver Alexander Maslo. He managed to revive Father Frost’s friends. Since then they served faithfully to the wizard.

We said the words: "Wardens, Wardens, let us in, please“(the use of magic words is obligatory in the Estate) - Oak son of Oak and Elm son of Elm opened the gates.

The Map of Excursion

The route of the excursion on the Estate is circular, i.e. we enter through these gates, and return in another way. As Janka said, this is a great opportunity to leave all the bad things on this way and step on a new road rejuvenated.

Santa Claus Residence Program

The Father Frost’s House

Residence of Santa Claus photo 2020

The main wizard of Belarus lives in this two-storied house all year long, even in summer. On the first floor there is a throne hall and an office, on the second one — a bedroom. Unfortunately, Father Frost did not invite us inside the house, but we were not offended. He spent a lot of time with us, communicate with us and even made a photo with each family.
You can find the alley of wooden sculptures, if you go around the left side of the house. There are statues of Baba Yaga, Zyuzya Poozersky (lives in Ozerki village, Postavy district), and Unique Bolotnik (who lives in the swamps of Berezinsky reserve). In addition: Kysh Babay (Tatar God of winter) and Pakkayne (Karelian Father Frost - the younger brother of our wizard). Each has a special plate with info to read and tell your child.
The workshop of Mother Winter is on the right side. Father Frost built it for his wife on the tenth anniversary of the Estate. In these magical walls fairy things are created and held master class sessions. In addition, you can celebrate your birthday there. The workshop is rather small. Unfortunately, we could see only the front.

дом деда мороза в беловежской пуще

Father Frost's Apiary in Belovezhskaya Pushch

Pictures of Santa Claus Residence in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

The Oldies Vasiliy and Ganna take care on Father Frost's hives. Their small house is to the right of the glade, the hives - to the left. It was the end of November, so the magic bees of Pushcha were sleeping. However, we didn't miss the opportunity to say Hello to them. After all, Yanka promised us that our life will for sure become sweeter if we say Hello to the magic bees. Buzz-z-z-z.

The Magic Mill in the Estate

If you touch the Magic Mill and remember all your bad deeds, it will mill them and turn your bad deeds into dust and sand.

This place impressed our G (Gleb) most of all and made a kind of psychological impact. The fact is that Gleb used to cry on football trainings (almost every time). It was a real problem, which caused trouble. We tried to change it, but it happened again and again.

In front of the Mill, he repented for his crying and inability to lose with dignity. Gleb asked for the strength not to cry on trainings and it came true!!! At the very first training!

The Frog Princess in the Estate

It is said, that Father Frost took the Princess from a fairy tale. He hopes, that one day someone from the visitors will kiss her and disenchant. Janka said, many men tried to kiss her, but a magical transformation never happened. He thinks the reason is kissing without love. There is hardly anyone, who will fall in love with the amphibian Princess. If you haven't watched our video yet – you can do it now, we described this part of the excursion in detail.

Launch Facility of Belarusian Father Frost/h4>

Santa Claus Residence 2019 Pictures

Creamhorn (a fabulous moose of Father Frost) is harnessed in this sleigh on New Year Eve. Accompanied by Creamhorn, Father Frost delivers gifts to cities and villages of Belarus. You can take pictures in the sleigh, but you cannot saddle Creamhorn. Legend has it, who will try to saddle a horned animal, will become horned oneself.

The Glade of the Twelve Months

The Glade is a half-circle area at the edges of which stand the figures of 12 months. You should approach the month of your birth, touch it and make a wish with closed eyes. It will come true within a year. You shouldn't speak your wish aloud. Despite the fact, that our small group consisted of 5 people - we needed only 2 sculptures - March and October.


tour to Santa Claus in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Christmas Tree in the Estate

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is renowned worldwide for its centuries-old trees. A few years ago in the Estate was growing 120-year-old natural spruce of 40-meter high. It was the highest spruce in Europe! Unfortunately, the tree came to wither because of the age. Now in the spotlight is an 11-meter spruce, around which we were performing a round dance.

The Alley of the Eastern Calendar Symbols

a trip to Belovezhskaya Pushcha to Santa ClausEveryone looks for a statue of his year of birth and makes a wish.

I wonder what Egorka asks for? Perhaps, for mother coming and bringing some milk :) < the phrase from the Russian version of the fairytale "The Wolf and Seven Little Goats" >

Mom and Gleb are catching their luck near the snake statue!

Fairy Bridge

After learning the legend of the bridge, you understand the slogan of the Estate – “Everyone can make 100 wishes and even more”.

The bridge consists of 97 logs, and you can make a wish standing on each of them.tour to Santa Claus in Belovezhskaya Pushcha


The House of Snow-maiden

Legend has it that you should circle the house, look in the window, count the pillows on the bed and be sure to look in the mirror on the wall. It's a magical one. Women will become more beautiful, men — wiser and stronger, children — healthier and more docile.

House of the Snow Maiden - a trip to the residence of Santa Claus House of the Snow Maiden - a trip to the residence of Ded Moroz

The Treasury of Belarussian Father Frost

The place where Father Frost stores his main treasures - children's letters, drawings and crafts. Yanka says, this is the most favorite place of the winter wizard. Our excursion ends on this important place and Yanka leaves us. Looking around, we freeze in astonishment. This place is like wimmelbook (a book with many hidden pictures).

There we got the gifts. We exchanged our entrance tickets for gingerbread cookies in a colorful festive package.

Reviews about the residence of Santa Claus in Belovezhskaya Pushcha with photos