New Year script 2019-2020 of Santa Claus

The First Christmas Toast - for Friends, for Familу

My dear relatives, I am glad to see you and to celebrate this New Year with you! They say that family can’t be chosen, but even if it were possible, I would choose you anyway. Let me raise the first toast for you: for parents, for children, for friends. After all, together - we are power!!!

Christmas Divination 2020

Divination on the fulfillment of desires in the New year 2020

Christmas Wish List

On Christmas in the US and Europe, adults and especially children make up their Christmas Wish List - a list of those gifts that they want to get.
The ritual is especially important for children, because it is funny and helps to increase the chances that the elves will have enough time to prepare the gift. By the way, for parents of "demanding kids". During October-November you can say your naughty kid, who tries to cajole you in the store, to add desired thing to the list. Then the kid will get it as a bonus - it brings up ability of waiting.
Adults like to work on such a list no less than children. It is an important karma thing. I tried this practice for the first time being a student. I liked it, because writing down what you want (thinking up and imagining) increase the possibility, that it will come true. It happens because idea gets into your subconscious. When fate gives you a chance to make your dreams come true - the subconscious and the wish list will not let you miss it.
New year's wish list game for new year 2020
Surely, the most of our guests will not prepare their wish lists. The fate has prepared for them the option "try your luck." And how lucky or not lucky our adults are, we will find out on New Year's Eve! We have a game to know this!

How to Make Christmas Divination with a Clock?

We take the clock from twister (great game!) and make Christmas clock of wishes. I needed an old red gift bag, green paper, thread (100 м cost $2.5) and New year stickers (90 штук $1.69)Divination for a wish on Christmas hours 2020
Using a hole punch we make small holes on the edge, considering the number of participants. Then decorate it. Make paper labels and thread through it to hang it.

How should it be held?

  • Method #1
    Each is dealt a single label. Guests write a wish and hang it in one of the holes. Next, the clock hand spins and the wish indicated by the hand is destined to came true.
  • Method #2
    Small cards with unique stickers. If the hand indicates the picture of the small card - the wish will come true.
I suggest spinning the hand three times. The divination promises that this three wishes are fated to come true. Those, who are not among the winners, should not be upset. After all, this does not mean that the clock predicted something bad to them

New Year Quiz 2019 - questions for the Year of the Pig

I suggest raising our glasses for our new plans and hopes. Let them certainly come true this Christmas!

New Year Quiz 2019 - questions for the Year of the Pig

Participants are divided into two teams. The host in turn asks questions to teams. New year's brain ring has 3 rounds.

Who answers first?
The right to answer the next question goes to the one, who will be closer to the correct answer:
What percentage of people decorate the Christmas tree only on the front side? Correct answer: 70%

The host warns, that all questions are somehow connected with the symbol of the coming year...
The First round – True or False?
  1. Is it true that the pig was the third pet tamed by human? (after dogs and cats) (False, the second, after dogs.)
  2. Is it true that the pig is not able to sunbathe? (False: Pig- is the only animal, that is able to sunbathe - Remember the famous pig on the beach in "Well, Just You Wait!"(Nu pogodi!) cartoon)
  3. Is it true that piglets lose milk teeth, like children? (True)
  4. Is it true that pigs have a better nose than dogs? (True, even customs officials begin to train pigs to find drugs.)
  5. Is there any truth in the fact that the pig is not affected by the venom of rattlesnakes? (True)
The Second round – Choose the Right Anwer
  1. What town is really exist on the Philippines (Luzon island): Cabanatuan or Swinetown? (Answer: Cabanatuan)
  2. What material did the smartest of the three little pigs build his house from? (Наф-Наф – rus)
  3. Она – свинарка, а он – кто: свинарник или свинарь? (Свинарь.) sorry, no translation possible
  4. What part of the pig's body shows whether the pig is healthy: snout or tail? (Answer: the tail. The tail of healthy, vigorous piglets is bent up in a ring. If it is flaccid and hangs down, it indicates the opposite.)
  5. What metal do the British call «pig iron»? (Cast iron (true) or Lead)
The Third Round - Erudite
  1. Pigs in UK say oink-oink. What sounds do they make in Russia?? (Answer: In Russia pigs say «hryu—hryu»)
  2. How is called baked pork fillet cooked by special recipe?(Carbonade)
  3. Какому известному русскому поэту принадлежат эти «свинские» строки?
    Помни это каждый сын.
    Знай любой ребёнок:
    Вырастет из сына свин,
    Если сын – свинёнок.
    (Владимиру Маяковскому.)
  4. Under which tree pigs like to lay? (Under the oak, because they like acorns)
  5. What will a pig do when something unlikely happens? (Fly – idiom «When Pigs Fly»)

No wonder we had a question about the pig and acorns, because that is the name of our next competition.

New Year Contest 2019 "Pig and Acorns"

We choose this one from 5 piggy contests.

The participant is blindfolded with a scarf and puts on a pig snout or a mask:

Конкурсы на Новый год Свиньи 2019 Contests for the New year of the Pig 2019 Contests for the New year of the Pig 2019
Buy SnoutFor 2019 symbol Buy MaskДля символа 2019 года Buy Ears/button]

The task of participants: with eyes closed, pick up only acorns, ie, nuts!

Obligatory condition! While fidgeting and touching objects, participant is obliged to grunt and oink. Otherwise, get out!!!

Two participants take part in the competition in turn. As a reward-the right to wear pig snout and be a symbol of the New year until the end of the party :-)

Gleb Makes Trick

A little later we will post our video, until then, enjoy the Safronov brothers

Christmas Game with Props - Lasso a Deer or a Mini Relay of Santa Claus

The team consists of 4 people (we have 3 adults and 1 child). Everyone has the task...

  1. Lasso a Deer(can be held as a separate contest)
  2. Switch on the runway (run up and turn on garland of lights, laid out like a track)
  3. Prepare the chimney (unpack and put 2 baskets for toys)
  4. Put the gift through the chimney (put gift box)

The host offers to open the gifts, and there our participants found photo props in the Santa Claus style

Christmas Photo Shoot with Photo Props

After all this, the guests inspired by magic and fairy tale, are ready for the Christmas First Night:

The Tale "9 Santa Claus's reindeer"

9 Santa Claus's reindeerMore about the taleДля символа 2019 года

The Santa Claus Parade

In fact, it is a big and long procession, when Santa walks down the street with cartoon characters, elves, athletes and dancers. Music sounds, the parade participants convey congratulations to the spectators. Of course, this event is broadcast on local television and YouTube! In our case, this tradition can prepare the participants to the photo shoot.
В нашем же случае, эта традиция может стать отличной подводкой к новогодней фотосессии.
After shooting, Santa and Elves make fireworks and a show with firecrackers and coloured smoke.

The Quest - The kids look for Santa's gifts at home using notes – January 1st

happy new year 2019-2020wink

Let you won't have a single reason to ask Santa for antidepressants in 2020:))